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PhableR 100

OAI PhableR100 Photolithography System

The PhableR 100 system is based on a proprietary photolithographic technology developed by Eulitha AG, which makes it possible to print high-resolution structures in a non-contact, proximity photolithography system. The resolution obtained with the PhableR 100 is equal to a DUV projection lithography system, but without the complexity and expense. More


New Services
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Resistivity Testing Service for Conductive and Non-Conductive Materials

OAI Resistivity Test Lab
Answering the growing demand for resistivity testing, OAI is now offering conductive and non-conductive materials testing in their Resistivity Test Lab in San Jose, CA. Tests are completed within ten days of receipt of test sample material, and each test results in a comprehensive report.

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OAI Resistivity Services for Conductive and NonConductive Materials

Our Focus is on the Customer

OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced precision equipment for the Solar, Photovoltaic, Semiconductor, MEMS, and Microfluidics Industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of field-proven products that include mask aligners, UV exposure systems, UV light sources, Solar Simulators, I-V Testers and Reference Cells.

OAI maintains a commitment to long-term relationships as demonstrated by OAI's focus on engineering, service, and customer support. With over 40 years of experience, and thousands of systems in use around the world, the company has earned a reputation for exceptional products, favorable pricing, and superior customer support. OAI products deliver outstanding performance, exceptional versatility, and proven reliability.

oai model 800fsa

Model 800MBA

Frontside and Backside Mask Aligner System

The OAI Model 800 Mask Aligner is a semi-automated frontside and a 4-Camera optical backside mask aligner. It delivers precise (1µm-2µm) alignment accuracy with maximum technical & economic value. More »