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We take the time to understand the unique requirements of your application.

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About OAI

Affordable, thoughtfully engineered solutions are at the core of our brand

Customers quickly learn that OAI is unique among the competitors in their field. OAI understands that there is a critical difference between merely offering a piece of capital equipment for sale and actually providing a highly functional solution based on the customer's unique requirements. With this distinction in mind, the company has built its reputation by forming ongoing, collaborative customer relationships––the length of some is measured in decades.

Cost-effective, affordable solutions are the hallmark of the OAI brand. Based upon its expertise in producing equipment, OAI has developed a time-tested platform of modularized subsystems, which can be adapted to become the core of a custom configured system. This approach controls cost, improves reliability, increases system flexibility, and ultimately reduces the overall cost of ownership.

We invite you to contact an OAI Solutions Engineer today and learn how we can solve your toughest manufacturing challenge efficiently and economically. From R&D tools to full production solutions, OAI will partner with your team every step of the way.