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Precision Mask Aligner Systems for R&D through Production

Why Consider Anyone Else When OAI Delivers:

Mask Aligners from OAI are installed worldwide for production and R&D. All customers agree that OAI's systems are reliable, durable & deliver better technical and economic value than any competitive system.

OAI Model 200 Model 200
Tabletop Contact Mask Aligner

OAI Model 200Model 200IR
Front and IR Backside Mask Aligner

OAI Model 212Model 212
Tabletop Mask Aligner
Economical Tabletop Mask Aligner System for 300mm or 12"x12" Substrates

OAI Model 800eModel 800E
Model 800E Enhanced Mask Aligner
For all applications

Model 6000
Fully automated Front and Backside mask Aligner
For all production applications

Model 5000eModel 5000E
Fully Automated Large Area Mask Aligner with advanced pattern recognition