Semiconductor & Nanotechnology

Mask Aligners

High resolution, non-contact, proximity photolithography

Model 200
Table top contact mask Aligner

Model 212
Enhanced Mask Aligner

Model 800E
Enhanced Mask Aligner

UV Light Sources & Exposure Systems

UV LED Lightsource
UV LED Lightsource

Model 30 UV Light Source
Collimated, modular unit with excellent uniformity

Model 30 Enhanced UV Light Source
Collimated light source with added features

Model 2000AF
Automated flood exposure systems

Model 2000SM
Automated edge bead exposure systems

Model 2012AF
300mm automated flood exposure systems

Nanoimprint Technology (NIL)

Nano Imprint Module
Aligner add-on with high yield release technology

Custom Solutions

Partner with OAI to solve your unique requirements
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oai model 2012 edge-bead exposure system

Automated Edge-Bead Exposure System
Model 2012SM

The Model 2012SM Automated Edge-bead Exposure System provides a cost-effective method for edge-bead removal using standard shadow mask technology. Designed to accommodate wafers from 8” to 300mm, the tool features automated FOUP loading. Mask and substrate changeover can be accomplished quickly and easily adding to both versatility and high-volume throughput of this production tool.