MEMS & Microfluidics

Mask Aligners

Model 200
Tabletop contact mask Aligner

Model 200IR
Front and IR backside mask Aligner

Model 800E
Enhanced Mask Aligner

Model 6000
Fully Automated Optical Frontside or Backside Mask Aligner for Production

AML Wafer Bonders

AML Wafer Bonder
In-situ AML Wafer Bonder for anodic, silicon direct or compression bonding

UV Light Sources & Exposure Systems

UV LED Lightsource
UV LED Lightsource

Model 30 UV Light Source
Collimated modular unit with excellent uniformity

Model 30 Enhanced UV Light Source
Collimated light source with added features

Microfluidic Device Process

Contact Liquid Polymer Process
(CLiPP) Microfluidic prototype and production

UV Ozone Surface Treatment System

UV Ozone Surface Treatment System
For improved bonding and cleaning

Custom Solutions

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Data Sheet

OAI PhableR-100 pdf Cover


PhableR 100 System

High resolution, non-contact, proximity photolithography

The PhableR 100 system is based on the proprietary PHABLE (short for Photonics Enabler) photolithographic technology developed by Eulitha AG, which makes it possible to print high-resolution periodic structures in a non-contact, proximity photolithography system. The resolution obtained with the PhableR 100 is essentially the same as that of a DUV projection lithography system, but without the complex and expensive optics and mechanics. For example, linear gratings with a half-pitch of 150nm can be printed with high uniformity with the new system. As an added advantage, the practically unlimited depth of focus of the image formed by the PhableR 100 system means that the high-resolution patterns can be printed with high uniformity even onto non-flat substrates, which are commonly encountered in photonics applications.

The PhableR 100 system can expose substrates with diameters up to 100mm using industry standard chrome-on-glass or phase-shifting masks. The mask and the substrate are loaded manually onto the system and the exposure process is controlled by an onboard computer. Standard i-line photoresists, both positive and negative tone, which are available from common vendors, can be used. Linear or curved gratings, 2D photonic-crystal type patterns with hexagonal or square symmetry can be printed with feature periods less than 300nm. The system may also be used like a standard mask-Aligner in either proximity or contact mode to print micron-scale structures. Targeted applications include research and development projects in photonics, fabrication of gratings for optical diffraction and spectroscopy, light extraction patterns on LEDs, patterned sapphire substrates and color filters.



Resolution 10nm half-pitch (linear grating)
Wafer Size up to 100mm diameter
Mask Format 5"
Illumination uniformity < 3%
Pitch range 300nm - 3μm
Resist thickness > 1μm
Operation Manual load - automatic exposure
Control Touch panel