MEMS & Microfluidics

Mask Aligners

Model 200
Tabletop contact mask Aligner

Model 200IR
Front and IR backside mask Aligner

Model 800E
Enhanced Mask Aligner

Model 6000
Fully Automated Optical Frontside or Backside Mask Aligner for Production

AML Wafer Bonders

AML Wafer Bonder
In-situ AML Wafer Bonder for anodic, silicon direct or compression bonding

UV Light Sources & Exposure Systems

Model 30 UV Light Source
Collimated modular unit with excellent uniformity

Model 30 Enhanced UV Light Source
Collimated light source with added features

Microfluidic Device Process

Contact Liquid Polymer Process
(CLiPP) Microfluidic prototype and production

Custom Solutions

Partner with OAI to solve your unique requirements
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oai-uv ozone plus system imageUV OzonePLUS Surface Treatment System

This new, UV Ozone dry surface treatment technology, uses ultra violet light and ozone to both clean and modify the molecular surface of solids. Low-pressure UV light is used to generate a unique combination of wavelengths that both cleans the surface of contaminants and improves the bond strength of the surface atomic layer. The process provides enhanced adhesive bonding on plastics, metals and inorganic materials and is also excellent for improving coating process technology.

The OAI, UV-OzonePLUS Surface Treatment System may be used for cleaning a variety of materials. This low-temperature process can be applied to uneven geometries, providing the surfaces can be treated with the special UV light. The use of UV-OzonePLUS results in higher yields, improved adhesion, and higher quality products. Prior to adhesive bonding, the surface treatment applications include, rubber bonding, plastic automotive assemblies, stainless steel parts, magnetic heads, lens-protecting films, plastic films, resin molding air bags and IC packages.

Surface treatment for glass applications include the treatment of liquid crystal glass, plasma TV screens, reticle plates, prisms, lenses, mirrors, micro-motor shafts and terminal tabs for flat screen TV. The UV-OzonePLUS surface glass treatment for flat panel display has been widely used in Japan for many years. Lamp modules, bench-top system and standard automated system are available.