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Solar Cell I–V Measurement Systems

oai standalone I-V tester OAI offers a complete line of I–V Testers, solar power meters, reference cells, and accessories. OAI I–V Testers can be used in a stand–alone configuration or integrated into OAI Solar Simulator. Three standard ranges of I–V Testers are available; 1A and below, 1 to 5A, and 5 to 10A. Higher current testers are available as custom options. OAI's Solar Power Meter is an essential measurement tool for measuring the irradiance in "suns" of both Flash and Continuous Wave Solar Simulators. OAI's instruments have many unique features not found in other Solar Meters. An OAI Application Engineer will work with you to insure that the OAI Solar Cell I–V Measurement System you choose is optimized for your application.

Solar Cell I–V Measurement Systems

PV I–V Integrated Measurement Systems
Class AAA Solar Simulator, I–V Tester & Test Fixture

Single Long Pulse Test System for High Efficiency Cells
Class AAA Solar Simulator, I–V Tester, Electronic Feedback Control, & I–V Rider Software

Standalone I–V Tester & I–V Rider Software
Standard: 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A, and 20A

I–V Rider Software

Standard & Custom Test Fixtures

Flash Solar Power Meter
Measures output power of all flash type solar simulators

Continuous Wave Solar Power Meter
Measures output power of all continuous wave type solar simulators

Calibrated Reference Cells
For all PV cell types

Outdoor Panel & Array I–V Tracer
Available in 3.5kW, 1.2kW, 6.0kW and 500W ranges. Also records date, time, fill factor, temperature and more. Stores up to 400 sets of data.