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University Installations of
OAI Equipment Worldwide

Akron University
Arizona State University
California State University
Carlton University – Canada
Changchun Institute - China
Cheng Sui University – Taiwan
City College of New York
Clemson University
College of the Canyons
Ecole des Technologies - Canada
Ecole Polytechnique - Canada
Ecole Superieur - Canada
EGE University – Turkey
Florida International University
Florida State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong
Howard University
Huafan University – Taiwan
Indiana University
Istanbul Technical University
ITRI – Taiwan
ITT – India
Izmir Yusek - Turkey
John Hopkins University
Kansas State University
Loayang Institute – China
Louisiana State University
Marshall University
McGill University – Canada
MIT – Lincoln Labs
Mount Holyoke College
Nanyang University
NASA – Ames
National Cheng Kung University
National Chiao Tung University
National Chung Hsing University
National Taiwan University
National Technical University
National Tsing Hua University
National Un Yat-Sen University
New Jeon Institute of Technology
Norfolk State University
NSYSU - Taiwan
New York State University - Buffalo
Portland State University
Prairie View A & M University
Rensellaer Polytechnical Institue
Santa Clara University
Simon Fraser University - Canada
South Taiwan University
Stanford University
State University of New York
State University of New York
Sunnybrook Medical Center
Taiwan University - Taiwan
Tam Kang University – Taiwan
Tamkang University – Tawian
Tampere University - Finland
Temple University
Texas A&M
Tamkang University - Taiwan
Tianjun University – China
Trinity College - Ireland
Tsinghua University – China
Tufts University
Tulane University
Tuskegee University
University de Sherbrooke
University of Alberta – Canada
University of Arkansas
University Of California Berkeley
University of California Davis
University of California Merced
University of California San Diego
University of Colorado
University of Dayton
University of Delaware
University of Dundee – Scotland
University of Hawaii
University of Idaho
University of Illinois
University of Iowa
University of Mannheim
University of Massachusetts
University of Missouri at Columbia
University of Missouri at Rola
University of Notre Dame
University of Oregon
University of Ottowa – Canada
University of Pennsylvania
University of Puerto Rico
University of Quebec - Canada
University of Rhode Island
University of Rochester
University of Southern California
University of San Diego
University of Science – Malaysia
University of SW Louisiana
771 Institute - China
University of Tasmania - Australia
University of Texas
University of Toronto - Canada
University of Utah
University of Victoria - Canada
University of Virginia
Washington State University
Yale University


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After a very successful 2016 TRAVEL GRANT PROGRAM, OAI is proud to offer again, for 2017, support to students & professors who used or are using OAI’s UV Exposure Systems in their research and are presenting their research at a technical conference. In 2017, OAI travel grants went to students presenting their work in MEMS, Nanotechnology, and Microfluidics.

Travel grants are available to the applicant who meets the following criteria:

  1. Applicant is presenting a research paper or poster
  2. Applicant is using or will be using an OAI system
  3. Applicant must acknowledge the use of OAI equipment in their paper and the travel support by OAI
  4. Amount of grant to be $350-$500 US Dollars
  5. Permission given to OAI to post your paper on the OAI company website

Please contact OAI for further information. It is OAI’s goal to continue supporting research & contributing to the technologies of the future.

Travel Grant Program

For over three decades, OAI has earned a reputation as a top-tier provider of precision lithography equipment in MEMS, Microfluidics, Nanotechnology and Semiconductor markets. The company has been a committed supporter of R&D in these areas of study at universities worldwide.Working in collaboration with numerous professors and students, OAI has developed equipment to meet their special requirements. Now, OAI is taking research support one step further. We are offering a limited number of Travel Grants to students presenting research that was conducted using OAI equipment in the university lab. We review applications and present travel grants on a quarterly basis.

To apply, please read the criteria below and submit your application to: Charles Turk –

OAI Travel Grant Criteria*:

  1. Applicant must have used an OAI System for their research
  2. Applicant must be presenting a paper or poster at a recognized, published event
  3. Amount of travel grant is limited to $350-$500
  4. Limit of 2 grants per university, per year
  5. Acknowledgement and description of OAI equipment shall be used in paper and/or on poster
  6. Permission is granted for OAI to post your paper on the OAI website

We are looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your applications. It is OAI ’s goal to continue our support and acknowledgement of your research and contributions in technology.

*Note: Criteria subject to change without notice

Please submit your papers here.

Research Conducted Using OAI Equipment
at Educational Institutions
Around the World

OAI Model 200 Used at UC Berkeley
An Automated Flow-Based/Digital Microfluidic Platform with On-Chip Optical Detection System for High-Throughput Gene Editing Processes
Kosuke Iwai, Philip C. Gach, Peter W. Kim, Manasi Raje, Joshua V. Heinemann, Todd A. Duncombe, Kai Deng, Trent R. Northen, Nathan J. Hillson, Paul D. Adams, and Anup K. Singh

Full Paper Here

OAI Model 200 Used in Research at University of Southern California
A Microbubble Pressure Transducer with Bubble Nucleation Core
Lawrence Yu and Ellis Meng
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Full Paper Here

OAI Model 30 used by USC for MEMS research
Annealing Effects on Flexible Multi-Layered Parylene-Based Sensors
Brian J. Kim, E. Peter Washabaugh IV, and Ellis Meng
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Full Paper Here

oai trisol solar panel array tester in research image
String-Level (kW-Scale) IV Curves from Different Module Types under Partial Shade Using OAI TriSOL Solar Array Panel Tester
Patricia L. Hidalgo-Gonzalez, Adria E. Brooks, Emily S. Kopp, Vincent P. Lonij, and Alexander D. Cronin
Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile, Department of Electrical Engineering, Santiago, Chile
University of Arizona, Department of Physics, Tucson, Arizona
Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy, Tucson, Arizona
University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences, Tucson, Arizona

Full Paper Here

trisol oai solar panel array tester at university of arizona image
I-V Curves and Visual Inspection of 250 PV Modules Deployed over 2 Years in Tucson Using OAI TriSOL Solar Array Panel Tester
Emily S. Kopp, Vincent P. Lonij, Adria. E. Brooks, Patricia. L. Hidalgo-Gonzalez, and Alexander D. Cronin1
University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences, Tucson, Arizona
University of Arizona, Department of Physics, Tucson, Arizona
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Department of Electrical Engineering, Santiago, Chile

Full Paper Here

OAI travel grant award to USC and Jonathan Kuo
Improved Process for High Yield 3D Inclined SU-8 Structures on Soda Lime Substrate Towards Applications in Optogenetic Studies Using OAI Model 30
Jonathan T.W. Kuo and Ellis Meng
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

Full Paper Here

OAI travel grant awarded to Brian Kim
Paralene-based Electrochemical-MEMS Force Sensor Array for Assessing Neural Probe Insertion Mechanics
Brian J. Kim, Christian A. Gutierrez1, Greg A. Gerhardt, and Ellis Meng
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
University of Kentucky Chandler School of Medicine, Lexington, KY, USA

Link to Full Paper

Santa Clara University Travel Grant award for Medical Microfluidics research using OAI equipmentDetection of Pathogens Using Electrochemical DNA Sensors for Resource-Limited Settings
Sarah Ghanbari, Nicholas Giustini, Cameron Mar, Pankti Doshi, Unyoung Kim

Santa Clara University

Link to Full Paper

Florida International University High-Throughput Fabrication with OAI Equipment

High-Throughput Fabrication of Functionalized Carbon Nanostructures for DNA Detection
Varun Penmatsa, Hiroshi Kawarada, Chunlei Wang

Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department
Florida International University
School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan

Link to Full Paper

USC Bolus Drug Delivery with OAI Equipment Partners in Science

Rapid and Repeated Bolus Drug Delivery Enabled by High Efficiency Electrochemical Bellows Actuators
R. Sheybani, H. Gensler, and E. Meng

Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory
University of Southern California

Link to Full Paper

State University of NY Wet Etching Technique for Fabrication of CaSb based lasers partnership with OAI Equipment

Wet Etching Technique for Fabrication of GaSb Based Mid Infrared Single Lateral Mode Lasers
Seungyong Jung, Sergey Suchalkin, Leon Shterengas, Gela Kipshidze, and Gregory Belenky

Power Photonic Corporation
State University of New York, Stony Brook

Link to Full Paper

arizona state University and OAI partners in research image

A Series Array of a Microliter-Sized Microbial Fuel Cell
Seokheun Choi and Junseok Chae

School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Arizona State University

Link to Full Paper

university of new york Buffalo Research

Microfabrication of Rounded Channel and Waveguide Integrated Microlens Using Timed Development and Thermal Reflow Process
Jung Kwun ‘JK’ Kim, Kangsun Lee, Kwang W. Oh
and Yong-Kyu ‘YK’ Yoon

Department of Electrical Engineering,
New York State University at Buffalo

Link to Full Paper

university of australia oai research

Development of a Typsin-immobilized Monolithic Polymer with Pipette-tip Format for Protein Digestion
Wei Boon Hon, Emily F. Hilder, Kenneth C. Saunders, and Paul R. Haddad

Pfizer Analytical Research Centre (Parc) and ACROSS,
School of Chemistry, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia
Pfizer Global Research and Development, Sandwich, UK

Link to Full Paper

university of Ohio OAI research

A Low Voltage Capillary Microgripper Using Electrowetting
A. Vasudev1 and J. Zhe1

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, USA

Link to Full Paper

university of texas, san antonio OAI research

Characterization of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
for Nano and Micro Applications

Ramakrishna Kotha, Carlos Garcia, Arturo A. Ayón

MEMS Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry,
University of Texas, San Antonio

Link to Full Paper

University of Toronto OAI research

Artery-on-a-Chip: A MicrofluidicPlatform to Investigate
Small Artery Function

C Lochovksy, S Yasotharan, A Vagaon, D Lidington,
J Voigtlaender-Bolz, S. Bolz, A Günther

University of Toronto, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

Link to Full Paper

Tufts University OAI research

Silk: A top down approach for
protein micro- and nano structures

Konstantinos Tsioris, David L. Kaplan, and Fiorenzo G. Omenetto

Tufts University, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Link to Full Paper

Florida Atlantic University - OAI in research img

Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of Polypyrrole-Based Three Dimensional Micro-Supercapacitors
Majid Beidaghi, Wei Chen, Chunlei Wang

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Florida International University

Link to Full Paper