oai uv light and exposure systems

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OAI-model 5000 Mask AlignerLightsource Grande

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UV Light Sources & Exposure Systems

OAI’s collimated UV light sources and UV exposure systems are available with Near, Mid, and Deep UV spectral outputs. As a leader in the production of stand alone UV light sources, OAI has used its years of optical technology experience to produce the highest quality mirror, lens coatings, uniformity, and design. As a result, each UV light source is certified to meet the most demanding specifications. Additionally, the OAI UV light source is a module that can be integrated at a later date onto any OAI mask Aligner significantly reducing your future mask Aligner cost. Use an OAI UV power and energy meter to measure intensity and uniformity of the UV light source.

UV LED Light Source
Energy Efficient UV LED Light Source with added features

Model 30 UV Light Source
Collimated, modular unit with excellent uniformity

Model 30 Enhanced UV Light Source
Modular unit with added functionality

Model UV Light Source Grande
Accommodates a full range of large substrates

Model 2000AF
Automated flood exposure systems

Model 2000SM
Edge bead exposure systems

Model 2012AF
300mm automated flood exposure systems

Model 2012SM
300mm automated edge bead exposure systems